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The One Step Flash was the first model in the second wave of Polaroid's 600 series. It added an flip-up integral electronic flash to the basic design of the square-cornered Polaroid OneStep 600 which took disposable flash bars. The strobe flash is automatically fired when the main shutter release is pressed. Initially, there was no close-up lens. Additional models with close-up are listed here. The typical slider for darken/lighten exposure correction (Polaroid's Light Management System) is present.


  • Lens: 116mm (?) f/11 (?), Single-element plastic (?)
  • Fixed focus (sharpest at 4-5 feet).
  • Shutter: electronic; automatic speed between 1/4-1/200 sec.
  • Integral auto flash that works in low light but cannot be forced on or off.

Functionally equivalent models

Originally available in grey and black with the trademark rainbow stripe, international variants in other colours were also available. Some featured additional promotional branding.

  • Polaroid 600 (Red & black)
  • Polaroid 640 (SE) (Black, with blue or red shutter button)
  • Polaroid Camel (Yellow & black, 'Camel' logo, red shutter button)
  • Polaroid Coca-Cola (Promotional item in red, with drinks company logo)
  • Polaroid CoolCam (Pink & yellow on black)
  • Polaroid CoolCam 600 (Pink on grey; red on black)
  • Polaroid Lightmixer 630 (SL) (Silver on black, 'LM Program')
  • Polaroid Magical Camera (Red on black, cartoon characters and flowers)
  • Polaroid Revue 640 (Grey on black)
  • Polaroid Spirit 600 (Grey on black; 'Light Management System' or 'LM Program'. Also available with 'Amtrak', 'Fuji TV' (in Kanji) logo on back.)
  • Polaroid Spirit 600 Amoco/CertainTeed/HBO Video/Norton/Pepsi/Tokyo Digital Phone (Blue on black with 'Amoco - Customer First', 'CertainTeed', 'HBO Video', 'Norton - Let's talk shop', 'Pepsi', 'Tokyo Digital Phone' logos)
  • Polaroid Spirit 600 Mary Kay (Pink on black, with 'Mary Kay' logo)
  • Polaroid Spirit 600 Ultra Slimfast/Team Campbell (Red on black with 'Ultra Slimfast - Lose weight, stay slim and feel great' or 'Team Campbell' logos)
  • Polaroid Sun 600 LMS ('Light Management System', grey on black like One Step Flash. May feature 'Modified by Laminex' or 'US Bicentenary' logo)
  • Polaroid Sun 600 SE (as above, may have 'Polaroid 50' logo)
  • Polaroid Sun 630 LMP ('LM Program', otherwise as above)
  • Polaroid Sun 635 QS ('QS Program', otherwise as above)
  • Polaroid Sun 635 SE (red on black, 'QS Program)
  • Polaroid Sun 640 (black with red button)
  • Polaroid SuperColor Esprit (available in multiple colour schemes)
  • Polaroid Supercolor (SE) 635 (multiple colours and logos e.g. ACT)
  • Polaroid Supercolor 635 SE/SL (like standard 635)
  • Polaroid Supercolor 645 (black and red, like 635)
  • Polaroid SuperColors (red and black, with or without AVIA logo; blue and black; yellow & black)
  • Polaroid Tomy Kodomo (Pale blue, yellow and pink. No Polaroid logo)