Polaroid One Step (curved corners)

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Not to be confused with the original OneStep for SX-70 film (sold in most non-US markets as the Polaroid Land Camera 1000), the later Polaroid One Step (with curved corners) introduced a new generation of models in Polaroid's 600-series.


  • Lens: 116mm, f/11, Single-element plastic, with sliding close-up attachment.
  • Fixed-focus (sharpest at 4-5 feet).
  • Shutter: electronic; automatic speed between 1/4-1/200 sec.
  • Integral auto flash that works in low light but cannot be forced on or off.
  • Polaroid's Light Management System (the darken/lighten exposure correction slider).

Functionally equivalent models

Many versions of this camera were issued and branded differently for international and promotional use. Names and colours included:

  • Polaroid 600 Business Edition 2 (black)
  • Polaroid 636 (multiple colours)
  • Polaroid 636 Closeup (multiple colours and countries of manufacture inc. Russia. Also seen with 'Forester' and 'Saison Card International' logos)
  • Polaroid 780
  • Polaroid 2000 (also as a promo item for Nokia in China)
  • Polaroid Barbie (pink/green/blue with flower design and 'Barbie' logo. Special film with 'Barbie' frame instead of plain white was also available)
  • Polaroid CoolCam (pink, red, yellow, 'Hysteric Glamour')
  • Polaroid Descartes
  • Polaroid Easy
  • Polaroid Easy 636 Closeup
  • Polaroid Family
  • Polaroid Hello Kitty (pink with 'Hello Kitty' stickers)
  • Polaroid Jagermeister (orange and black promo item)
  • Polaroid Job Pro 2 (same as 600 Business Edition 2)
  • Polaroid Tomy Kodomo
  • Polaroid Legoland
  • Polaroid OneStep Close Up (Various colours. Made in UK, China and elsewhere).
  • Polaroid OneStep Flash
  • Polaroid OneStep Version II
  • Polaroid (logo) (Japan only, pink, yellow and purple check)
  • Polaroid Popcam (blue, cartoon of a train)
  • Polaroid Spirit CL
  • Polaroid State Farm Insurance (red on black with logo)
  • Polaroid Street Photo Night Cam
  • Polaroid Tecate (red on black with company logo)
  • Polaroid Zoe Cam (pink, yellow and purple)