Polaroid One600 (Classic)

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The final evolution of the 600 series from the original Polaroid Corp. These models (from around 2001) were very sleek. Most common are the Polaroid One and One600 Classic in two tone silver/blue with an orange button.


  • (Wide) 100mm lens with minimum focus distance of 3 feet.
  • Fixed focus.
  • "Aerodynamic" styling (particularly when folded) with downward curve at back.
  • Flash moved to right hand side of user and can be manually switched on and off.
  • Hand grip on right.
  • LCD frame counter.
  • Self-timer.

Functionally similar models

  • Polaroid One (silver/grey)
  • Polaroid One600 Job Pro (black/silver/yellow) (Close-focus to 18 inches!)
  • Polaroid One600 Nero (all black)
  • Polaroid One600 "Flowers" (white with purple and yellow flower design)
  • Polaroid One600 Panna (white/black)
  • Polaroid One600 "Poison Frog" (silver/grey with yellow/black pattern)
  • Polaroid One600 Polala 2006 (red/silver with gold Chinese dragon)
  • Polaroid One600 Pro (all silver) (Like Job Pro, close-focus to 18 inches!)
  • Polaroid One600 Royksopp (grey/silver with 'Royksopp - Only This Moment' branding)
  • Polaroid One600 Superheadz Special Edition Red Hat (silver/black, with 'red hat' cartoon character)
  • Polaroid One600 Rossa (bright red/black)
  • Polaroid One Rossa (as above)
  • Polaroid One Ultra (silver/black) (Close focus to 2 feet)
  • Polaroid Pop Kit (silver/black with stickers for user's customization)