Polaroid EE100

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One of Polaroid's second generation of folding, 100-series packfilm cameras, the EE100 is similar to two other models: The Reporter and the EE100 Special, the only functional difference being that it lacks the '3000ER' setting (for using ISO3000 films at full aperture) that those models have. The EE100 can use both 100-series and 80-series packfilms, and the fixed non-focusing viewfinder has guides to show the film sizes for each.

Focusing is carried out by turning the distance-marked front lens element; unlike the original Polaroid 100-400 series folding packfilm cameras, this series features no rangefinder mechanism. As an improvement over the original folding series however, there is no need to cock the shutter after each exposure, and the folding mechanism is greatly simplified. The EE100 also takes generic 'blue dot' flashcubes, with a wind-up hot shoe and diffuser set to one side of the lens.