Polaroid Amigo 620

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The Amigo 620 is one of Polaroid's 600-series cameras for integral-print film. It was made for a few years, from 1982.[1] It is slightly more advanced than the OneStep 600, and the initial model is beige, not black. It has no built-in flash, but can use flashbar (it attaches to a socket in the flip-up cover). It has a plastic close-up lens that slides in front of the lens for shots closer than 4 feet.

Like other Polaroid 600 cameras, there were a variety of international variations of this model. Names included:

  • Polaroid Quick 620 (beige)
  • Polaroid Spirit (beige)
  • Polaroid Spirit Paul Masson (beige, 'Paul Masson Vintage California Champagne' on back)


  • Lens: 116mm (?) f/11 (?), Single-element plastic (?)
  • Fixed focus (sharpest at 4-5 feet), with close-up adaptor.
  • Shutter: electronic; automatic speed between 1/4-1/200 sec.
  • No electronic flash. Has socket for flashbars instead which sit above a plastic flap which flips down to protect lens and controls.
  • Darken/lighten exposure correction.