Polaroid 170BV

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The Polaroid 170BV is a simple plastic camera with fixed focus and no metering. It was sold by Concord Camera Corp who used the Polaroid name under Licence and was made in China. The camera instruction manual does not refer to the Polaroid 170BV and is title 35mm Compact Big Viewfinder Manual Camera, suggesting this camera may have been branded under other names. Has built in manually triggered flash and has simple "Big Viewfinder" (hence BV). There is no low light warning system and only a flash ready LED. It does claim to offer a Red Eye Reduction with flash. Camera will work without battery (only needed for flash). Sliding cover locks shutter button.

The design is similar to the also Concord produced Le Clic LC17 BV which suggest they are the same or very similar.

Specifications from manual

  • Lens- 28mm 2 element Plastic lens
  • Focus - Fixed
  • Focusing Range - 1.5m to Infinity
  • Aperture - f/9.5 fixed
  • Shutter - 1/100sec fixed
  • Battery - 1xAA
  • Flash Range - 1.5-5.5m
  • Flash Recycle time - 5 Sec
  • Viewfinder - 2 Element Reverse Galilean Type
  • Dimensions - 113x68x41mm
  • Weight - 120gm