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Pingo is a penguin-shaped 35 mm camera. It has fixed focus and no exposure adjustments. It was made for sale as part of a package with confectionery[1][2] made in Denmark by Pingvin Lakrids (now part of the Toms Confectionery Group) and often sold in airport duty-free shops.

The camera's back bears the inscription "Pingvin made by NICKNAME", and it was very probably made specially for Pingvin by the Danish merchandising company Nickname A/S.


  1. Lakrids; sweets containing licorice, very salty with ammonium chloride; similar to Finnish salmiak. They are popular in the Netherlands and Germany, the Baltic and Nordic countries and Iceland.
  2. Pingo camera offered for sale at Ebay in December 2014 (item 191448081002), with a zipped plastic bag labelled 'Pingo camera & sweets'.