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Photo-Beacon was an early American photographic journal published monthly between 1885-1907. Originally founded under the title The Photographic Beacon, the first issue appeared in November of 1885. Starting with the January 1889 issue, the name was changed to The Beacon and it continued under that name through the December 1892 issue. The name changed again in January of 1893, this time to Photo-Beacon, which was kept through the last issue published in June of 1907. During many of those years the journal was edited by Dr. John Nicol (4 Jul 1828 - 13 Mar 1910). Nicol is thought to have been associated with the earliest incarnation of the magazine. He was eventually succeeded as editor by F. Dundas Todd. In July 1907 the magazine was merged into the newly created American Photography magazine. Both Todd and Nicol became associate editors of American Photography magazine.[1][2][3] All issues of the magazines are now in the public domain.