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The Petri E.Bn is a Japanese fixed-lens 35mm rangefinder introduced by Kuribayashi/Petri in 1960. It features a built-in uncoupled selenium lightmeter, with a prominent circular sensor cell on the front of the camera's top housing. It was the first Petri to have one. McKeown describes the camera as a Color Super, with the meter fitted.[1] The camera could be equipped with a Petri Orikkor 2.8/45 or 1.9/45 lens. The shutter is a Petri Carperu MXV or a Copal SV; either is synchronised for flash, and has a self-timer. It has a cold shoe.

The rangefinder and viewfinder are combined, with a brightline frame. It has the green filter over the rangefinder spot that many Petri rangefinders have.

Technical specifications

  • Lens : Petri Orikkor A.C. 45 mm f/1.9
  • Shutter : Petri Carperu MXV; 10-speed (1 - 1/500 second) + 'B'
  • Light meter : uncoupled selenium, ISO 10 - 400


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