Pentax Zoom 60

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The Pentax Zoom 60 was a fully automatic compact camera with a 38-60mm zoom lens. It was manufactured by Pentax c1987. It was also sold as the IQZoom60 but this branding is often omitted from the camera body. A newer 1991 revision was available as the Pentax Zoom 60-X and IQZoom60-X.


  • Lens: 38-60mm zoom with autofocus and macro ability.
  • Focus range: 1m to infinity
  • Exposure: auto, wide 9.5 to 16.5 EV and tele 10.5 to 6.5 EV
  • Shutter: 1/30 to 1/250
  • Finder: Zoom albada bright frame with parallax correction in macro.
  • Flash: built-in, 3 sec recharge
  • LCD: exposure counter, focal length, transport, macro, flash and power level.
  • ISO: DX 50-1600 ISO; non-DX ISO 100
  • Power: CR-P2
  • Dimentions: 135 x 73 x 57 mm
  • Weight: 115g