Pentax Espio Mini/UC-1

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The Pentax Espio mini is a pocketable 35mm compact camera with autofocus and a wide-angle prime lens by Pentax. In the US it was known as the Pentax UC-1. It was available in black, champagne or silver and is one of the more collectable cameras in the Espio range. The champagne finish has a common problem that it easily gets worn off, even with the slightest use, making it a cheaper option. It has a very sharp lens, and some say it's SMC grade. The UC-1 Model has a Date function that can be set on the LCD screen, while the Espio Mini not, and it replaces with a Panorama or Normal function indicator on its display.


  • Lens: Pentax 32mm, f/3.5, 3 elements in 3 groups.
  • Focusing: Pentax phase-matching autofocus system with focus lock.
  • Focus range: 0.3m (1 ft.) to infinity. Spotbeam is emitted in low light and/or hard-to-autofocus subject.
  • Shutter: Programmed AE electric shutter with speed aprox. 1/400s -2 sec. Bulb: 1/2 sec. - 5 min, Electromagnetic release.
  • Film: Auto film speed setting with 35mm perforated DX-decoding film with ISO rating from 25 to 3200. Non-DX coded films are automatically set to ISO25.
  • Exposure Control: Programmed auto-exposure control. Range: EV 9.0-17 in Auto or Day-light-Synchro mode (ISO 100), EV2.6-17 Slow-Shutter-Speed mode. The Exposure meter is turned on by half depression of the shutter release button.
  • Viewfinder: Actual image viewfinder: 85% field-of-view ratio. Magnification: aprox. 0.34x. AF frame (blinking when subject is too close and/or hard-to-autofocus subject). Picture frame, Close distance compensation frame, Panoramic format picture area, Green lamp lighting: in-focus signal, Green lamp blinking: When subject is too close and/or hard-to-autofocus subject, Red lamp lighting: Flash-ready status, Red lamp blinking: Flash being charged.
  • Flash: Built-in auto flash with red-eye reduction mode. Automatic flash emission in low luminance or a backlight situation. Flash-ON = Daylight-Synchro/Slow-Shutter-Speed Synchro (up to 2sec.), Flash-OFF = Flash override, Bulb-Synchro = 1/2 sec.-5 min.
  • Power: One 3V Lithium battery CR123A (CR123). The 3.6V Rechargeable CR123 may not work with some revisions of this camera.
  • Weight: 155g (5.4oz) without battery