Pentacon 3.5/39-80 electric

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This is Pentacon's "Mini-Zoom" 39-80mm f/3.5 macro zoom lens. It is a rebranded Sigma lens. It offers a short zoom range of 39 to 80 mm, hence the name "mini-zoom". In addition to that, there is a switch on the lens barrel that allows the photographer to turn a ring which moves the rear lens group. It gives a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:3,5. The f-stops on the lens are shown in green from f/8 upwards, as well as the reproduction ratios on the macro ring, indicating that macro use is adviced to be used only from f/8 upwards; the lens will not produce a sharp image stopped down below f/8. The M42 lens has three electric connectors which allow the Praktica LLC or the similar Praktica PLC cameras to read the aperture setting from the lens.