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The Agfa Paramat is a small well built camera for 35mm film, introduced in 1963, it makes 18x24 exposures which makes it a half-frame camera.

It has a 30mm f/2.8 Apotar lens with zone-focus markings as well as meters/feet. Exposure is automatic and controled by a selenium cell which only controls the aperture as the camera only has one shutterspeed. A green flag in the viewfinder shows correct exposure, a red flag shows underexposure. It does not need any batteries.


  • 30mm f/2.8 Apotar lens
  • 18x24 frame format
  • film counter up to 72 exposures, placed at bottom of camera
  • shutter speed: 1/125sec or B (Bulb)
  • ISO speed settings from 10 to 250
  • aperture range from f/2.8 - f/22
  • flash hotshoe
  • flash sync speed 1/30 sec.
  • recommended flash: Agfa Tully-M