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Otagi Michifusa (愛宕通英)[1] was a Japanese camera designer. He was born in 1901, studied at the Tokyo University and worked from 1926 to 1933 as an engineer in the Naval Aviation headquarters.[2] He entered the company Tōkyō Kōgaku (the future maker of the Topcon cameras) in 1933 and designed the Minion, Minion 35 and Primoflex.[3] He also designed the Mascot subminiature,[4] made by Shimura on behalf of Tōkyō Kōgaku. In 1952, he left the company and founded the Ginyū Optical Laboratory (銀友光機研究所, Ginyū Kōki Kenkyūsho).[5] He edited the Kamera Nenkan annual supplements of Nippon Camera.[6] He died in 1974.


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  • Extract of Kamera to renzu no jiten (カメラとレンズの事典, Dictionary of cameras and lenses) written by Otagi Michifusa, reproduced in the website of the magazine Nippon Camera with a short biographical notice (web archive version, January 18, 2006, the character encoding is Shift_JIS)