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The Orient folder is a Japanese folding camera using 127 film, made by an unknown company.


The Orient is a folding camera that is not self-erecting: the lens standard has to be manually pulled out of the body and slides on two rails. There is a folding frame finder in the middle of the top plate — as seen by the photographer holding the camera horizontally — and an advance knob at the bottom right. The standing leg is marked ORIENT or Orient.[1] The name Orient is sometimes embossed in the leather covering at the front of the camera.[2]

The picture format is said to be 4×4.4cm.[3] This is probably the exact measurement and the camera was probably advertised for a larger nominal size, for example 4×4.5cm or 4×5cm.

The back is hinged to the left and the back latch is covered by a handle. The back contains two red windows, marked A and B, and a table that describes how to obtain 11 exposures with the paperback numbers.

On all the cameras seen so far, the shutter gives B and 1/25 settings, the lens is a fixed-focus New Best 80mm f/8, and the aperture scale is at the bottom right (as seen from the front).


Pictures of three examples have been observed so far. Two of them have a shutter plate marked Orient at the top, JAPAN. O.K.S. at the bottom left, 80MM 1:8 under the lens , and NEW BEST and ANASTIGMAT on the sides. One of these has a K logo on the side,[4] and the other perhaps has a different logo.[5] The third camera has a different shutter plate marked KUJAKU at the top.[6]


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The Orient folder is not listed in Kokusan kamera no rekishi.


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