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The Agfa Optima Sensor Electronic 335 is the base model of the range of Optima Sensor Electronic Series cameras introduced by Agfa in 1978s (not to be confused with the Agfa optima sensor range of 1969). The 335 is a small, rectangular 35mm viewfinder camera: smaller than the Olympus Trip 35, for example.

The 335 has a 40mm f/3.5 Agnatar (3 element) lens, with three-zone focusing, stopping down to f/22. The large red electromagnetic shutter-release button is mounted in the top of the advance lever, with a cable release socket on the (user's) right side of the body.

The rewind release is next to the shutter release on the top plate; this is rotated to an "R" mark for rewinding, which reverses the film transport mechanism gearing, so that the winding lever is also used for rewinding instead of a separate rewind crank.

On the front of the lens barrel, inside the lens' filter thread, there is a CdS metering cell mounted at the bottom, and a film speed dial at the top. The shutter speed is set steplessly between 1/30 & 1/300 second, and electronically timed.

Exposure is automatic, with the camera selecting both aperture and shutter speed. The aperture control is only used for flash photography, as hinted at by the flash icon setting mark visible on the body of the camera.

The window on the edge beside the shutter release contains the frame counter. There is a tripod socket on the left-hand end, so the camera mounts in portrait format. The camera has a bright-line viewfinder with parallax correction marks for close-up use. A viewfinder red warning light indicates under/over exposure.

The word "Paratronic", visible on the front on the lens refers to the shutter, which is an electronically timed two blade system.

Other models in the series had a greater range of shutter speed. One added a rangefinder, while another incorporated a built-in flash.


  • Optima Sensor 335 instruction manual.


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