Olympus Trip AF 31

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The Trip AF31 of 1996 is a compact camera taking 35mm film, with motor drive and autofocus manufactured by Olympus. It was one of a series of cheap models branded with the famous Trip name. Encased in the same compact, lightweight body as the Olympus Trip 300, this compact camera also featured fully automatic functions. It had automatic film advance and rewind, and a self-timer. The original price was ¥18,000 (including the case).


  • Lens: 34mm, f/5.6
  • Film: 35mm, 24x36mm frames.
  • ISO: DX decoding
  • Shutter speed fixed at 1/125s
  • Motorwind and rewind.
  • Integral flash with forced fill-in or off.
  • Integral sliding lens cover.
  • Self-timer.