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The Trip 500 is a fixed focus entry level compact 35mm film camera by Olympus. It is part of the Olympus Trip series that was reintroduced in the 1980's. The Trip 500 was launched in 2002 along side the similar but better specified model Trip 505 (as well as the Trip AF50 & Trip AF51). Olympus also sold the restyled Trip 600 and Trip 601 which share the specifications to the Trip 500 and 550 respectively..

The Trip 500 features a plastic 28 mm f/6.7 lens made from 3 elements in 3 groups. This fixed focused lens has a range of 1.0 m to ∞ (infinity). The shutter has a single speed of 1/100 sec. There is a automatic built-in flash with red-eye reduction. It is compatible with DX-coded films with a range of ISO 100 to 400. Non coded film is fixed at ISO 100. Film is advanced and rewound with a motor drive. The camera is powered by 2x AA batteries with a life of approx 20 rolls of 24 exposure film. The Trip 600 is identical in specification with a slightly different body design.

The Trip 505 has a glass 28mm 1:6.3 lens (3 element in 3 groups). The camera features a programmed shutter with speeds of 1/2-1/140 sec. Focal range is also 1.0 m to ∞ (infinity). The Trip 505 features a electronic self timer and the ability to switch between several flash modes including red-eye reduction, fill in forced off and forced on. It also uses 2xAA and has a similar battery life. The Trip 601 has identical specifications.