Olympus LT Zoom 105

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The Olympus LT Zoom 105 of 1997 is a fully-automatic "designer" compact aimed at travellers requiring a good-looking point and shoot with a zoom lens. It was the second in the Olympus LT (leather tech) series. The advertising copy in the catalogue read as follows. "I am a camera. My name is LT Zoom 105. When people pick me up, they tend to say the word nostalgic."

The body of the camera is weatherproof. This means that water can be splashed onto the body but it cannot be submerged in water. It uses a 38-105mm, f/4.5-8.9 zoom lens with the ability to focus from 0.6m (2 feet) to infinity. The lens can be protected with a lens cap built-in to the body so no case is required. There is a built-in flash with various modes including Auto, Auto-S (red eye), off and fill with night mode that can be changed with a button located by the LCD on the top of the camera. The shutter release supports firing remotely with the optional IR based RC 200 remote control. Using the remote control has a shutter delay of approx 3 seconds and a maximum distance of 5m.

The ISO is set automatically with DX decoding. Non-coded film is set at ISO 100. Infrared film cannot be used. The film transport is motordriven and automatically advanced to the first frame. Rewind is automatic at the end of the roll. Mid-roll rewind is possible with a button on the base of the camera. Rewinding is finished when "E" is flashing on the LCD. The camera is powered by a CR123A battery.

A later model added a QD function and a panorama setting. Dates modes include off, Year-Month-Day, Month-Day-Year, Day-Month-Year and Day-Hour-Minute. The year is supported up to 2030.


  • Lens: 38-105mm, f/4.5-8.9
  • Autofocus.
  • Auto-exposure.
  • Auto-flash.