Olympus C-4000 Zoom

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The Olympus Camedia C-4000 Zoom is a 4-megapixel digital camera made in Indonesia for Olympus. It is an enhanced version of the C-4040[1], adding PAL video output, closer macro focus, more "scene" modes and AF adjustments - but with a slower lens than the f1.8 of the C-4040.

  • Lens: Olympus 6.5-19.5mm, f2.8 (3x zoom)
  • ISO equivalent: 100/200/400
  • Power: two CR-V3, four AA batteries, or external supply
  • Storage: SmartMedia cards
  • Shutter Speeds: 1/1000 sec. – 16 sec.



  • C-4000 on OlympusAmerica's archived products site
  • Review at Steve's Digicams [1]