Olympus C-2500L

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The C-2500L is a fixed lens DSLR camera released by Olympus in 1999.

It has a 2.5 megapixel on a 2/3" CCD sensor. The 3x zoom lens is constructed from 7 elements in 7 groups with a length of of approx. 9.2 to 28 mm (36 to 110mm equiv). The lens has a 43mm filter thread. A 1.8" 122,000 pixel LCD screen is provided in the rear along with an TTL optical viewfinder with 95% view. Images are captured in 100, 200 or 400 ISO with a maximum of 1712 x 1368 resolution and stored in either JPEG or TIFF formats.

Media storage is a bit unusual as it accepts SmartMedia as well as CompactFlash. Both cards can be installed at the same time and can be toggled with the press of the SM / CF button located by the viewfinder. It also had the ability to copy between both cards. A 32 MB SmartMedia card is often included in the purchase. A wireless IR remote control (RM-1) is also provided in may regions. It controls the shutter it can also be used in slide show play back. Connectivity is via serial port and is compatible with Windows and Macs (mini Din 8) via 2 separate included cables. It is powered by 4x AA batteries, rechargeable NiMh batteries are included along with a charger.