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The Olympus-35 is a range of cameras produced by Japanese manufacturer Olympus starting in 1969.

Olympus-35 EC


The Olympus-35 EC is a electronic controlled 35mm compact camera introduced in 1969. [1]. It features a fixed Zuiko 42mm f/2.8 lens comprised of 5 elements in 4 groups. It takes 43.5mm filters. The electronic shutter is a Seiko ESF and is automatically controlled and cocked with the press of the shutter release. It has a range of 4 to 1/800 sec. There is two indicator lights for the camera. There is a yellow light on top of the camera as well as in the viewfinder. This acts as a battery check feature with a half press of the shutter release. It will also briefly light as a slow shutter warning when speeds are 4s to 1/30 of a sec. A blue light in the finder will appear when a flash is mounted and required to take proper exposures. The blue light will not emit if there is sufficient light. A shutter lock feature is on the face of the camera to prevent unwanted exposures or meter readings. There is a accessory shoe, on the top plate as well as a tripod socket on the base. Flash is possible with 1/20 of a sec. flash sync and connects via a PC terminal on the left hand side of the camera. The flash guide number can be set on the lens with the ring closest to the camera body. The exposure meter is based on a CdS cell. The film speed can be set on the top plate of the camera with a range of 25 to 800 ASA. Focusing is done on the lens collar. It uses a zone focus system with a range of 1m to inf. There are focus stops for 1m, 1.5m, 3m and inf. They are also represented in the viewfinder by iconography of a persons face, portrait, group and mountains. The film transport has a auto resetting counter, uses a manual thumb wheel for advancing the film, and a rewind crank is on the base of the camera. The exposure system and shutter is powered by 2 mercury PX640 batteries.


Olympus-35 ECR

The Olympus-35 ECR is a rangefinder camera version of the Olympus-35 EC. It was introduced in 1972. It is based on the same body as the EC, but is slightly taller. The ASA settings are now moved to the front lens area instead of the top back plate. The CdS cell has also moved to the front of the lens. The finder size changed slightly as it's a 0.6 magnification instead of 0.7 of the EC.

Olympus-35 EC 2

Strangely a nearly identical model of the EC was released as the Olympus-35 EC 2. There is not any major noticeable changes from the EC as they share the same specifications. The flash light did change to a green color unlike the EC or ECR with blue lights.



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