Norca Pin-Up

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The Norca Pin-Up was a small 35mm camera made from about 1946 by FAP, a French company that also made the Norca. According to Vial, it was first announced as the Norca PM (for Petit Modèle, "small model"), then as the Atomic. It was based on the bakelite body of the Rower, a prewar French camera inspired by the Universal Univex A. It is not sure if the Rower was also made by FAP, see the Rower page.

The Norca Pin-Up had more metal parts than the Rower or the Univex A. It used normal perforated 35mm film in special 12 exposure cassettes. There was an exposure counter in the advance knob, and a rigid optical finder mounted to the side of the body. The lens was a FAP Anastigmat 50/3.5 and the shutter was only marked NORCA on the metal rim. According to Vial, it was an Atos I from 1/10 to 1/300. The same lens and shutter combination has also been observed on a Norca B camera.

The Norca Pin-Up was offered in 1948 by Manufrance, a French distributor, with a f/3.5 lens and a 10-300 shutter. Accessories offered were void cassettes, preloaded cassettes, hood, filter and daylight film loader.


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