Nons SL42

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The Nons SL42 is an the world first interchangeable lens integrated SLR that is a instant camera. Launched by Hong Kong Start Up Nons via Kickstarter in 2020 it uses Instax Mini film format. The camera has a passive Canon EF mount allowing it to mount many pre AF lenses including M42, Canon FD/EF, Exakta, Pentax K/PK, Contax/Yashica​ C/Y, Nikon F, Olympus OM and others mounts. It will not function properly with actual EF lenses as it has no electrical contacts. The difference in frame sizes means the image appear with a circular vignette.

Camera was launched in 2020 via a successful Kickstarter campaign with HK$ 245,770 being raised (original goal was HK$200,000). It was original designed as a M42 mount camera (hence the SL42) but changed during Kickstrater development. The shutter uses a original leaf design that closes on shutter depress until entire mirror box slides to side before opening briefly at desired shutter speed. It requires then to be manually re-cocked which slides mirror box back into place. The shutter will not open without battery power. Viewfinder uses a Pentamirror.

A revised Nons SL42 Mark II was launched on Kickstarter in February 2021. The new model has a markedly improved viewfinder with pentaprism and a rechargeable battery. It is alos sold with an optional Nons format extender (NFE). This is effectively an extension tube with a x1.8 factor which considerably reduces the frame vignette. The NFE works with the original model

Camera Specification (original model)

  • Film Format: Instax Mini
  • Power: 2xAA (film frame eject only)
  • Shutter: 1sec to 1/250 plus bulb
  • Lens Mount: Passive Canon EF mount
  • Metering: Non TTL partially coupled to shutter speed
  • Viewfinder: Pentamirror
  • Focus Screen: simple Fresnel lens
  • Flash Mount - Standard hotshoe (sync 1/125)
  • Tripod point: Yes
  • Cable point: Yes

Mark II differences

  • Viewfinder: Pentaprism
  • Power: Built in Panasonic rechargeable 3200mAh (USB C rechargeable)
  • Flash: Sync 1/250