No. 2 Brownie Camera

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The No. 2 Brownie Camera was made for over 30 years by Eastman Kodak. It evolved through many models manufactured between 1901 and 1933. They make 2¼×3¼ inch exposures on 120 rollfilm - which was introduced for this camera.[1]. The first model is made of cardboard and wood and has fine grain black leatherette covering. It has a sliding latch on top for locking the hinged back. Film has to be loaded under a flap on the film carrier. Later models have a coarser grained covering and a spring catch for the back. Models made after 1924 have an aluminium body. There were models B, C, D, E and F. Model F was also made by Kodak Ltd. in the UK and from 1929 they were available in colors as well as black.[2]


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