No. 1 Autographic Kodak Jr.

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The No. 1 Kodak Autographic Junior was a folding camera for 120 film (6x9 cm). It was introduced in 1914, replacing the No. 1 Kodak Junior.
The Autographic version added a window on the back in which the user could write notes on the film using a metal stylus.
It was made by Eastman Kodak Co. in Rochester and some units may also have been made in Canada.
With more than 800,000 units made[1], it was discontinued in 1927.

According to Brian Coe[1], the No. 1 Autographic Jr. can be found in different lens and shutter combinations:

  • 1914-1920's: Meniscus Achromatic, Ball Bearing Shutter
  • 1914-1924: Rapid Rectilinear, Ball Bearing Shutter
  • 1915-1924: Kodak Anastigmar, Ball Bearing Shutter
  • 1924-1926: Kodak Anastigmar, Diomatic shutter
  • 1925: Rapid Rectilinear, Kodex shutter
  • 1925-1926: Kodar f/7.9, Kodex shutter
  • 1926-1927: Anastigmat f/6.3, Kodex shutter (only in UK)
  • 1926-1927: Tessar f/6.3, Compur shutter (only in UK)


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