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The Nixe is a dual format folding bed camera for roll film or plates. It was made from c.1910 by ICA in Stuttgart, and was one of the ICA models continued by Zeiss-Ikon after its creation in 1926 and manufactured until 1934. The Nixe was available in two sizes, A and B and was a well featured camera, having rise and cross front movements, double extension bellows, a removable rollfilm back which could be replaced by a ground glass screen and plateholders, and had both a brilliant and a wireframe viewfinder. The specifications of the cameras changed during the long production run, and were available with a number of different lenses, a list which includes Tessar, Dominar, Hekla and Double Protar. Under Zeiss Ikon the Nixe was given the Zeiss Ikon catalogue numbers 551/17 and 551/6 for the Nixe A and Nixe B respectively[1]. The Nixe A was available with either a Tessar or Dominar f4.5 135mm lens for 8x10.5cm images on 122 film, or 9x12cm plates. The Nixe B had a f4.5 150mm Tessar for 8x14cm exposures on rollfilm or 9x14cm plates.