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The Ninon was originally made by Rietzschel, from about 1925 (i.e. only just before the company was taken over by Agfa), and continued in production by Agfa after the takeover.[1] It is a horizontal folding-bed 6.5x9cm plate camera with triple-extension bellows. A number of lenses were offered for the camera, including the Apotar, Solinear or as in the example pictured, Doppel-Anastigmat Linear, all in a dial-set Compur shutter. The lens is removable (at least in this example) to allow the use of longer lenses, taking advantage of the long bellows extension (alternatively, it is probably possible to remove the front group of the double-anastigmat, and use the rear group as a long-focus lens). The lens standard has both horizontal and vertical movements.

The camera has both a brilliant finder, with a spirit level attached, and a wire frame finder, in addition to a ground-glass focusing screen. It was available with black or brown leather (i.e. 'tropical' styling).[1][2][3]

Agfa Ninon showing the interchangeable lens and shutter.
Images by eBayer Yalluflex (Image rights)


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