Nikon TW20

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The Nikon TW20 (or Tele•Touch 300 in America) is a compact auto focus camera released by Nikon in 1989. It was the follow-up model to the TW2. The TW20 could be switched between two focal lengths: 35 mm wide angle and 55 mm normal ("tele") mode. It was Nikon's first camera with a red-eye reduction mode.


  • Wide angle: 35 mm f/3,8 (3 elements, 3 groups).
  • Tele: 55 mm f/5,7 (5 elements, 5 groups).
  • Sliding lens cover to turn the camera on and off. If left in tele mode, the lens will retract to wide mode after three minutes.
  • Active autofocus with AF/AE lock. Auto-exposure with auto backlight compensation.
  • Nearest focusing distance: 45 cm (wide), 59 cm (tele).
  • Built-in auto flash with auto fill flash. A button on the front prevents the flash from firing.
  • Flash range (at ISO 100): 3 m (tele), 4,5 m (wide).
  • Self-timer, with a mode for taking two consecutive shots with 5 seconds interval.
  • Auto-wind, auto-rewind
  • DX decoding from ISO 100 to 1000 in whole stops. Non-DX film defaults to ISO 100.
  • Metering: CdS sensor. EV 8~15 (wide), EV 9,25~16 (tele) with ISO 100 film.
  • Built-in date function in QD model, powered by CR2025 cell.
  • Power: Panasonic CR-P2P/Duracell DL 223A 6V lithium battery.
  • Dimensions and weight: 136x72,6x43,8 mm, 290 g without battery.