Nikon Coolpix 600

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The Coolpix 600 is a digital compact camera introduced by Nikon. It was made in the beginning of a long line of Coolpix cameras starting with the Coolpix 100 in 1997.

Panasonic has a similar camera called PalmCam PV-DC1580 and Cardshot NV-DCF5 .

It uses a 1 megapixel 1/2.7" CCD sensor. This produces photos with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Photos can be stored in JPEG in normal, and fine compression modes.

The lens is a 36mm equivalent f/2.8 design. It is a contrast based auto focus design with a focus distance of 50cm to infinity. A macro mode is also available that reduces the minimum focusing distance to 14cm. Flash is with a detachable SB-E600 speedlight unit.

The 2" color LCD display. It uses CompactFlash for removable storage with a 8MB card usually bundled. Connectivity requires use of a Digital Camera Station (DS-60) which provided serial connection for both Windows and Mac. Power is with 2x AA sized batteries.