Nikon Coolpix 100

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The Coolpix 100 is an early digital camera from Nikon released in 1997. It is one of the first batch of Coolpix branded cameras.

The camera uses a CCD based sensor with 330,000 pixels. It was made similar to the Canon CE300 and the original PowerShot 30 which are PC Card (PCMCIA) peripherals for computers. Instead of being tethered to a computer, it can be used more like a traditional camera. This is because the base of the unit which contains the battery compartment can be attached to the main PC card unit. There is 1MB of flash memory available. Photos are captured with a resolution of 512 × 480 in JPEG format in normal mode for up to 37 photos or in a fine mode for 19 photos. There is an option to delete the last photo captured. A built-in flash is provided with a GN of 9 and has auto, off, on and red eye reduction modes. It uses a basic LCD for flash, quality settings along with exposure remaining indicators. It uses a optical viewfinder for composing. It has two frame lines, one for standard the other for macro mode. It does not have a LCD screen capable of previewing or composing. A self-timer mode is available with a delay of 10 seconds. It is powered by 4x AA batteries.