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New55 FILM was a film maker formed in 2010. It was formed because of the discontinuation of Polaroid Type 55 P/N; a instant film that produces both a negative and positive instant print.

After 4 years of development and a successful prototype; on March 23, 2014 a Kickstarter funding project was launched in order to acquire additional equipment and materials. At the end of the funding period (May 05, 2014) $415,025 was raised surpassing the original goal of $400,000. This yielded net proceeds of $365,256. [1].

New55 FILM did end its operations on December 31, 2017.


  • New55 PN film 4X5 negative w positive print
  • Atomic-X 4x5 100ISO B&W sheetfilm
  • 1SHOT Readyload 4x5 B&W sheetfilm
  • R3 monobath developer
  • R5 monobath developer