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Neue Görlitzer Camera-Werke Robert Reinsch & Wolf Nachf. was a camera-maker in Germany, founded in 1920 by Robert Reinsch[1], former leading craftsman at Herbst & Firl. It took over a factory in Görlitz where Herbst & Firl had produced Ernemann's Globus cameras.

The company made wooden-bodied view cameras similar to the Globus ones, and big studio cameras for large format photography, mainly badged with its Globus-Stella and Globica labels. It also made tripods, forensic cameras and repro cameras. Company owners were Reinsch and the ancestors of a Mr. Wolf.[2] In 1958 the company became part of Pentacon group and continued making the professional studio camera Globica. Production ended in 1991.


  • Globus
  • Globus-Stella[3]
  • Globica


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  2. German Patent 399994 of 1924, Vorrichtung zum Verschwenken einer Kamera (Apparatus for rotating a camera), filed in February 1923 and granted in August 1924 to Neue Görlitzer Camera Werke Reinsch & Wolf, describing an arc-shaped mount for the focusing screen and plate-holder at the rear of a view camera, allowing them to be rotated about the optical axis, to compensate for a tilt in the subject; at Espacenet, the patent search facility of the European Patent Office.
  3. 13x18 cm Stella studio camera with 15 cm f/4.5 Tessar and Compur shutter, sold at the 24th Westlicht Photographica Auction, on 23 November 2013.

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