Nedinsco Primo

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The Primo is a 35mm viewfinder camera produced by the Dutch company Nedinsco.

It started out as a license build Steiner Steinette. This was an easy accomplishment because Nedinsco had bought the production tools from Steiner and also still had some tooling for the Nedinsco Argus which is a license build Gerlach Ideal Color 35 with a lot of same/similar components as the Steinette which might be explained by the fact that the same camera designer, Willy Uhrig, was involved.

The first production was in 1958 with a batch of 100 cameras which were exactly Steiner Steinette look-a-likes. All later build cameras (approx. 12000) have a restyled top cover and were produced from 1958 to 1962.
Primo's from that first April 1958 production batch can be easily identified by the fact that the accessory shoe is on top and in the middle of camera while later Primo's have that shoe more integrated in the topcover and a bit offset to the left and rear.

The 3 element Venlo lens was designed and build by Nedinsco themselves at their factory in Venlo (NL).


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