Nagel Librette 74

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Nagel Librette 74 is a Folding bed film camera, and manufactured by Nagel Werke, Stuttgart, Germany produced between 1930-33


  • Model: c.1930
  • Format: 120 roll, 6x9cm
  • Engravings on top of the camera, camera leg, back cover and under the lens standard: Nagel logo
  • The ID of the camera is easy due to the Engraving on the hand grip: Nagel 74
  • Lens: Nagel-Anastigmat 105mm f/4.5, the front element of the lens has screw mount, Aperture: f/4.5-f/25,
  • Focusing: bellows focusing, distance scale and lever on the right inside of the front cover; Focus range: 1.2-10m +inf.
  • Shutter: Ibsor leaf shutter, speeds: 1-1/125 + B&T, (DRP marking on front of the lens-shutter barrel), setting: dial on top of the lens-shutter barrel
  • Cocking and Shutter release: by the same lever on the lens-shutter barrel, for speeds press once then release the lever, the shutter cocks, opens and closes
  • Viewfinders:
    • Waist level brilliant finder, turning 90 degrees to left on its own axis for landscape pictures, w/ a red spirit level
    • Sports finder: A big wire sports finder, hinged on the lens standard and used with a frame on a pull-out tab, on the left side of the camera,
  • Bellows: single-extension
  • Back cover: remowable with whole box except right plate of the camera, w/ red window, opens by a knob with A and Z marks on the left plate of the camera, when the knob on A, pull-out by holding the right plate of the camera
  • Other: Tripod sockets: old type 3/8 inch; Lugs for leather hand grip
  • Body: metal; Weight: 568g


Librette 74 produced with many different lens and shutter combinations, like Nagel Anastigmat, Laudar or Xenar f/4,5 & 6,3 105mm lenses and Nagel, Pronto or Compur shutters. Also there are black or brown coverings.

Dr.Nagel-Werke founded by Dr.August Nagel in 1928.

Dr. A.Nagel founded or merged with several camera factories. In 1908 Drexler & Nagel was founded by him, a camera maker based in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1909 it was renamed to Contessa Camerawerke or Contessa Camerawerke Drexler & Nagel.

In 1919 the company bought the Nettel Camerawerk and it operated under the Contessa-Nettel name from 1919 until 1926.

Then Dr.Nagel was one of the co-founders of Zeiss Ikon in 1926.

He left Zeiss Ikon in 1928 and founded his own company.

In 1932, Eastman Kodak bought this business and established it in Stuttgart as Kodak AG, with Dr. Nagel as its managing director and design head.