Miranda TL 200

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Miranda's TL 200 is a basic auto exposure point-and-shoot 35mm camera, but with the addition of a second lens. It was rebadged as the Luxon 35 TWF. The lens barrel rotates to select between 43mm f/8 "standard" and 34mm f5.6 "wide" lenses. A small pointer on the lens barrel is visible in the viewfinder, and points to the inner of two frame lines, when the standard lens is selected.

The camera can be set to two film speeds - 100/200 or 400 ISO, using a switch on the back. Film is advanced manually - using a thumbwheel behind the shutter release, and rewound with a crank on the top.

The manually activated flash is powered by 2 AA batteries which also power the low light warning LED on the rear. There is no exposure metering as such with a fixed shutter speed and the aperture remains constant irrespective of film speed (switching on the flash removes the aperture ring from behind the lens widening it)

The Hanimex 35 DL appears to be very similar with only minor cosmetic changes and the choice of 3 film speeds (100, 200 & 400 ISO). The lenses are simply marked as 'Wide Japan Lens' and 'Tele Japan Lens'. The Cronus 35DL and Kin Son 35 DL appear to based on this slightly updated version.


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