Minolta Riva Zoom 90c

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The Minolta Riva Zoom 90c is an 35mm auto focus zoom camera made by Minolta. It is also known as the Minolta Freedom Zoom 90c and may have been used as the basis for the Leica C2-Zoom. The camera is notable for the Auto Standby Zoom (ASZ) system which Minolta claimed could automatically set zoom based on subject distance. This system includes the Eye Start (hence ES) moniker on camera where a sensor detects when the camera is held to the eye and switch it on. Typically for the era, it has DX coding and flash with a red-eye reduction mode. Some were sold with an optional IR remote release.


  • Lens - 38-90mm 1:3.5-7.7
  • Exposure range (100 ISO)
    • 38mm - EV6-17
    • 90mm - EV8-17
  • Focusing - 3 beam active IR AF
  • Focus Range
    • at 38mm - 0.75m to infinity
    • at 90mm - 0.9m to infinity
  • Exposure - Automatic
  • Metering - 2 segment silicon photocell
  • DX Range - 25-3200 ISO
  • Flash Range (100 ISO)
    • 38mm - 0.75-6m
    • 90mm - 0.9-3m
  • Battery - CR2 (6V lithium)