Minolta Maxxum HTsi

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The Minolta Maxxum HTsi is a entry level auto focus 35mm SLR camera released in 1998.

It is a simplified lower cost version of the Maxxum HTsi Plus / Minolta Dynax 505si; which was based on the more complex Dynax 505si Super / Maxxum XTsi / α Sweet. Features removed mostly involve flash related capbilities most often used in a studio along with the removal of the remote release socket.


  • Camera type: 35mm SLR
  • Lens mount: Minolta A-type bayonet mount
  • Viewfinder: SLR roof mirror; 90-percent field of view
  • Shutter: Electronic vertical focal-plane
  • Shutter speed: 30 to 1/4,000 sec, bulb with 1/125 sync.
  • Focus type: TTL phase-detection; multimetering with cross-hair type CCD line-sensor metering cell; autofocus and manual modes
  • AF sensitivity: EV -1 to 18 (ISO 100)
  • Meter: 14 segments, spot (2.7%).
  • Metering range: 1 to 20 EV; 4 to 20 with spot.
  • Exposure modes: Portrait, landscape, close up, sports, night portrait, auto, manual
  • Film speed: Auto DX 25 to 5000 ISO; manual 6 to 6400 ISO in 1/3 EV inc.
  • Film loading: Auto load
  • Transport: Single frame, continuous advance (2 fps), multiple exposure.
  • Flash modes: Auto, off, fill
  • Flash recycling time: 3 sec.
  • Power source: 2x CR2 lithium batteries
  • Dimensions: 135 x 90 x 59 mm
  • Weight: 350g