Minolta Dynax 3xi

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The Dynax 3xi is a autofocus 35mm film SLR. It was also available as the Maxxum 3xi and the α 3xi (Alpha 3xi). It was Minolta's cheapest system camera with mode for automatic choice of focal length. It belonged to Minolta's third series of cameras with Minolta AF mount. Of course the new feature worked only with the ZOOM xi lenses which had motorized zoom setting.


  • type: autofocus SLR
  • manufacturer: Minolta
  • year of launch: 1991
  • lens bayonet: Minolta AF mount
  • film/frame type: 35mm with speeds ISO 25-5000, full frame (24x36mm)
  • shutter: focal plane shutter with speeds 30sec to 1/2000sec and B mode
  • exposure: fully automatic depending on subject and lens, or manual settings, or aperture priority, or shutter priority
  • metering: 8 zone TTL, 1-20 EV
  • focusing: predictive phase-detection autofocus with ASZ option (auto-set zoom)
  • film advance: automatic motorized
  • flash: Dynax/Maxxum system flash connector or the built-in GN 12 flash which also serves as autofocusing aid
  • power: 6V lithium 2CR5 battery
  • weight: 420g
  • dimensions: 147×92×64mm
  • variant: 3xi Panorama