Minolta Dynax 3000i

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The Minolta Dynax 3000i was both, the budget model of Minolta's second generation of autofocus system cameras, and its first point-and-shoot single lens reflex camera. The only thing missing was a built-in flash, but the small flashguns D316i and D314i where attachable to the new Dynax/Maxxum flash connector. These little system flashes used power from the expensive 5CR2 camera battery. The camera had no own flash-on/off switch. Switching to flash mode was only possible after attaching and afterwards switching on the D316i, D314i or 3200i system flashgun. flash synchronized exposure times where from 1/20 to 1/60 seconds, normal shutter speeds were 4s-1/1000 seconds. The only exposure mode beside program- and flash automatics was the Hi-Speed mode which made automatic exposure with preference for the highest possible shutter speed.

It was also sold as the Minolta Maxxum 3000i in the USA and as the Minolta α-3700i in Japan.