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The Minolta 5000 (called Maxxum 5000 in the USA and α -5000 in Japan) was launched in early 1986 as the "entry-level" camera for the innovative autofocus lens mount (Α-Mount) of Minolta. This camera completed the Minolta family , and as the entry level camera many of the more advanced features of the Minolta 7000 and Minolta 9000 were left out on the 5000 to make operation simpler and bring the Autofocus success to everyone.

The Minolta 5000 has only Program and Manual exposure modes. Program sets both aperture and speed, and neither can be changed. A button in the back of the camera (BLC) is provided for backlit subjects. When in manual mode arrows pointing up or down tell the user if the picture is over, or underexposed. Minolta launched their A mount, with provided AF, but this model also has a manual focus mode; in which focus assist is provided by additional red LED triangle indicators in the viewfinder with a green circle (autofocus-confirm) LED when the image is in focus. These LEDs also works in autofocus mode.

AF required the use of more power, this camera was powered by 4xAAA batteries (6V). A CR2016 (3V) button battery is also used to maintain the film count number and is located behind a metal plate in the battery compartment. Some cameras may have either of the bigger (optional) grips, either holding 4 AA-batteries or a Lithium 2CR5 (5032LC) batteries. That's an advantage concerning energy but requires larger hands for a comfortable grip.

A remarkable fact is that this camera was originally sold together with a Minolta AF 50mm 1:1.7(22) lens (6 elements in 5 groups), probably an autofocus relative of the famous 50mm 1:1.7 Rokkor. Most later autofocus SLR models where sold with a zoom lens.

A weak point of some of these old Minolta AF bodies is the locked rewind switch which sometimes doesn't function anymore so that a darkroom would be needed to remove exposed film from the camera.


  • Year of launch: 1986
  • Manufacturer: Minolta
  • Type: single lens reflex camera
  • Lens mount: Minolta (α) A-bayonet
  • Film type: 35mm film with speeds of 25 to 6400 ISO, with auto DX
  • Metering element: Center-weighed silicon photo cell.
  • Metering range: -1 to 20 EV
  • Focusing: autofocus. Single point with 2 to 19 EV range.
  • Programs: P and M modes
  • Shutter: Focal plane shutter with speeds from 4 to 1/2000 sec. B
  • Film advance: fully auto advance at 1.5 fps with auto rewind
  • Viewfinder: 0.85 magnification x 94% coverage, shutter and aperture LCD display.
    • Top pf pentaprism is translucent to illuminate the LCD (there is small light as well)
  • Flash: TTL flash possible with Minolta compatible units.
  • Power: 4x AAA battery in BH70-S holder. Holders for 4AA or 1 2CR5 batteries available
    • Internal battery CR2016 (3V) located under a metal plate in the battery compartment
  • Dimensions: approx 138 × 92.5 × 52mm
  • Weight: 550g (body only)
  • Accessories:
    • Data Back 70 or Program Back 70
    • Battery holders BH70-L (4xAA) or BH70-T (Lithium 2CR5)
    • Eye piece correction
    • Remote controller IR-1N