Minimax Pocket 110 EE

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The Minimax Pocket 110 EE was a high-quality 110 camera. It was produced in 1978 by Sugaya Optical Company. Unlike the Pentax Auto 110 or the Minolta 110 Zoom this little camera was not an SLR. One focused using the Foot and Meter markings on the lens. The lens was a highly regarded 32mm f2.0. The shutter speeds ranged from 1/500th to 1 second, and film speed ranged from 64 to 400ISO.

Very few of the Minimax were made (and estimated 200) and the high initial price was likely part of the issue.

This forgotten camera has an important role in the history of 110. It seems to have served as a basis for the Pentax Auto 110! According to correspondence with the designer of the Minimax Pocket 110 EE [1], Sugaya Optical developed a more advanced SLR prototype of this camera, but interest at Sugaya waned and the prototype and the blueprints were sold to Pentax.


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