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The Milox is a subminiature 'spy' camera, made by Meopta in about 1968.[1][2] It takes 10x14 mm pictures on 11.5 mm unperforated film in special cassettes. Exposure is controlled by a single dial, numbered 1-6, plus 'B'; the numbered positions give six exposure settings, between 1/30 second at f/3.5 (EV 8.6) and 1/125 second at f/16 (EV 15); 'B' operates at f/3.5. The camera has a clockwork film advance mechanism.

The camera can be used flat, the lens viewing through the aperture in the edge of the flat body;[2] alternatively, an angled mirror can be fitted inside the body, so the view is through the 'top' of the camera.[3] This might allow the camera to be concealed in clothing, etc.


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