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In 1932 Balda-Werk Max Baldeweg in Dresden introduced a box camera for 127 film. The Micky cameras were primarily intended for use by children.[1] The various models were comparable to the standard Balda Poka boxes for rollfilm 120. The Micky 0 and Micky 1 were the most simple cameras lacking for instance a cable release and/or tripod socket(s). Micky 2 was the model with both these features as well as the typical Balda sliding mechanism which enables to hold the shutter release down for long exposures. The camera also had a portrait lens allowing close focussing from 1 to 2 meters. The Mickyrelle was essentially the same as the Micky 2 but offered the extra possibility to take 16 pictures of 3x4 cm by inserting a mask.


  • Metal box covered with Leatherette
  • Two 3/8 inch 16 UNC threaded tripod sockets
  • Two brilliant finders for portrait and landscape orientation
  • T and B shutter set by pulling the smaller upper lever
  • Two apertures set by pulling the larger bottom lever
  • Simple slide mechanism to hold the shutter release down for long exposures
  • Cable release beneath the shutter release
  • Periskop Doppel-Objectiv F:11
  • Additional portrait lens (P) activated by slider beneath the lens


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