Meisupii HALF

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This is a pocketable, small and lightweight aluminium half-frame camera, made in the late 1950s by one of the post-War Tōgōdō companies.

The camera shoots 72 frames on a roll of 36. The shutter system is patented, and is cocked by film transport. It has only 2 settings: 1/60 and B, where B is also used to activate the flash connection.

A fixed-focus 40mm f/8 Sankor lens is mounted, with 3 selectable stops: f/8, f/11 and f/16.

According to the "Tanoshimu Toy Camera", there were 4 types of Meisupii HALF. Two were Meisupii HALF (right photo and shutter charge type), and others were MEI-HALF and Mei-Half EL. Mei-HALF and Mei-Half EL were the same as the original Meisupii HALF.

  • Meisupii HALF (1959)
  • Meisupii HALF (Shutter Charge Type) (Unknown)
  • Mei-HALF (1963)
  • Mei-HALF EL (Unknown)


  • Shimizu Terumasa Tanoshimu Toy Camera Tougodo Meisupii Half Mei Half (Japanese Edition) (楽しむ! トイカメラ 東郷堂 メイスピー・ハーフ [メイハーフ]) ASIN: B00E2UU9M8 (e-book written in Japanese)