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The Meister-Korelle, made by VEB WEFO and then Welta from 1950-52,[1] is essentially the last version of the Reflex-Korelle, a 6x6 cm SLR camera for 120 film, originally designed by Franz Kochmann, and one of the best specified cameras made by Korelle-Werk G.H. Brandtmann, who took over Kochmann works after he left Germany (Kochmann was Jewish) in 1938. McKeown describes the camera as of different construction, but similar in appearance to the Reflex-Korelle.[2] The camera is of similar specification, but with some significant changes. It has a focal-plane shutter, with speeds 1 - 1/1000 second, plus 'B', all set on a single speed dial (models of the Reflex-Korelle with slow speeds have a second dial).[3] It has interchangeable lenses, with helical focusing; these use a screw mount (different to either the older screw mount or the bayonet of the Reflex-Korelle). The standard lens is an 85 mm f/3.5 Meyer Primotar,[3] or the 8 cm f/2.8 CZJ Tessar as on the example pictured here. McKeown lists six accessory lenses (all of longer focal length; there were no retrofocus wide-angle lenses at this time):[2]

  • 10.5 cm f/3.5 Tessar
  • 10.5 cm f/2.7 Makro-Plasmat
  • 13.5 cm f/5 Tessar[4]
  • 16.5 cm f/3.5 Tessar
  • 18 cm f/3.5 Primotar
  • 25 cm f/5.5 Tele-Megor

The camera has lever film advance, with the lever operated by the right thumb (the Reflex-Korelle has the winding knob, or later lever, on the left). As in the later Reflex-Korelle models, frame spacing is automatic (i.e. the film advance stops itself, and the red window is used only to set the start of the film), and there is a frame counter in the top plate, above the supply spool. The camera has a similar folding hood, with built-in frame-finder and hinged focusing loupe, to earlier models.

The Meister-Korelle was exported to the USA as the Master Reflex.[5]


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