Mamiya Super 16

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In 1951 Mamiya improved on the Mamiya 16 by expanding its range of shutter speeds to 1/2 – 1/200 sec. plus B. The location of the focus lever also moved to the front of the camera. Like the Mamiya-16, the aperture scale only labels every other F-stop. The slide-out frame finder includes marks for parallax adjustment at different distances. A very clever and nicely-made subminiature camera.

In 1957 there was a slight revision labelled Mamiya-16 Super, switching to a black plastic distance scale and adding a film-type reminder dial. This is known to collectors as "version II," although not marked as such.

In 1959 Mamiya introduced the Mamiya-16 Super Model III (labelled with blue engraving), which otherwise does not seem to have changed the specs of the camera.

A related camera which added a selenium meter is the Mamiya 16 Automatic.