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This is a work in progress.

Leather Cases

The leather cases for the Mmaiya Six were made by suppliers using wooden lasts.[1] Over time modifications in the camera design, as well as changed specifications (e.g. for the case to be opened forward, rather than backward) led to variations in case design.[2]

At present the case seen for the Mamiya Six I is similar to that illustrated for the Mamiya Six III (war time version), except that it lacks all embossing and that the fastening screw comprises of a simple screw only (and not the characteristic metal bar). The case seen for the Mamiya Six II is again similar, replete with the appropriate cut-out for the red window (under the flap), but the case is embossed 'Zeiss Ikon.'[3]


  1. See this | blog post (archived) for a picture of a last.
  2. We need to be conscious that the observations reported here are based on the leather cases that came with the cameras some fifty to seventy years after they were produced. There is a small possibility that in the intervening years a camera may have been furnished with a case from a different Mamiya model. This can, and will, eventually be ruled out with a greater sample size.
  3. And there is no Zeiss Ikon camera design that has that specific red window configuration. Thus we have to assume that the embossing is a custom job to please a customer.
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