Mamiya Magazine 35

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The Mamiya Magazine is a 24×36mm rangefinder made by Mamiya. The camera was available with two different lenses:

  • Mamiya Sekor 5cm 1:2.8
  • Mamiya Sekor 4.8cm 1:2.0

The most unusual feature of the Mamiya Magazine is that the film back is removable, hence the name "Magazine". The back contains the winding and rewinding mechanism, as well as a slide to protect the film whenever changing the back. The back were available separately, allowing the photographer easily switch from one film type to another and back again.

The camera was not a commercial success, no doubt due to the increased cost of such a complex camera - the cost in 1957 was $89.50 USD ($660 in 2007 USD). The camera is quite rare today.

Interchangeable backs is a feature rarely found on rangefinder cameras. Other examples include Adox 300 and Kodak Ektra.

Mamiya Magazine 35 and magazine removed
images by Geoff Harrisson (Image rights)


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