Lucien Dodin

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Lucien Dodin (1900-1989) was a French camera designer. He invented the stigmometer and other optical devices. He was engaged by OPL in the 1940s to participate in the development of the Foca, but soon left the company because he was in bad terms with the rest of the team.[1] In the late 1940s and in the 1950s he worked for the company Alsaphot and designed the Cyclope, a rigid 6×9cm camera with folded light path, and the Alsaflex, a 24×24mm SLR camera.

He later worked as an independent craftsman making prisms and lens elements, then as a printer and publisher.[2]

He wrote an autobiography titled Aventures d'un individu au 20e siècle : mémoires (Les Prismes, Montpellier, 1969).


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